Colour-Coded Roster for the next four weeks



It sounds very confusing, is it?
Once you know the colour you have been allocated the system is very easy to understand, and shop volunteers will be on hand to help you.

Will there be anything left if I have a later time-slot?
Yes. We always try to distribute the food evenly across our opening hours. Where we have only a few items, clients admitted earlier may benefit more from those items, however clients in later time slots often receive more Fruit n Veg produce as we like to have as little left over as possible.

Can I visit outside of my allocated time-slot?
You will only be able to shop during your allocated time, though of course you are welcome to visit at any time during our opening hours of 11.30am – 2.00pm to enjoy food from the café and spend time with other visitors and volunteers.

What if I do not visit every week? How will I know when to arrive?
Once you know the colour you have been allocated, you will be able to look on this website to see what time is allocated to your colour for that week. Alternatively, just turn up on the day and enjoy the café until it is your allocated time-slot. A reminder of the coming week’s colours are also posted on our Facebook page at

What happens if I am a new client?
New clients may arrive at any time on their first visit and do their shopping. On that visit they will be allocated a colour, and will then use the same system as everybody else.

I have some other questions.
Volunteers are available to answer any other questions you have.